We may be home in isolation, but the show must go on, and this year we will be producing a VIRTUAL Senior Talent Show by accepting video submissions. We would still love to celebrate the amazing and talented seniors we have at this school, so please submit your interest below.

If you are interested in submitting a video, here are some guidelines for your act:

1. NO videos of two or more people - EVERYTHING must be recorded & submitted individually
2. If you would like to have a group performance, you can submit separate videos and we will string them together
3. Tentative air date - Thursday, April 23rd (more info to come)
4. Performance cannot exceed 3 minutes 30 seconds (you will be asked to cut it down)
5. You can only participate in one act. 
6. All performances must be school appropriate.

*Please complete this form by Sunday, April 5th. 

ASB Spirit

Avania Costello and Courtney Thomas

    • As ASB Spirit Reps, our goal for the upcoming year is to lead the school through Spirit Week with positivity and energy. Combined, we have 3 years of Spirit Rep experience. Courtney led her Sophomore Class to second place last year with her intricate San Francisco hallway and excellent rally players. This year, we won a very close second place as Juniors. We have learned from the past and have the experience to make next year’s Spirit Weeks very successful. We have worked very hard in Leadership these past years to be worthy of this position, and we believe we are the best, most qualified people to make Spirit Week the fun, exciting week it is. Please vote Courtney and Avania for ASB Spirit!