We may be home in isolation, but the show must go on, and this year we will be producing a VIRTUAL Senior Talent Show by accepting video submissions. We would still love to celebrate the amazing and talented seniors we have at this school, so please submit your interest below.

If you are interested in submitting a video, here are some guidelines for your act:

1. NO videos of two or more people - EVERYTHING must be recorded & submitted individually
2. If you would like to have a group performance, you can submit separate videos and we will string them together
3. Tentative air date - Thursday, April 23rd (more info to come)
4. Performance cannot exceed 3 minutes 30 seconds (you will be asked to cut it down)
5. You can only participate in one act. 
6. All performances must be school appropriate.

*Please complete this form by Sunday, April 5th. 

ASB Spirit

Harry Brown and Jake Isaacs

    • Who do you want to run the spirit rallies? What are the biggest days of the year? The most memorable days of your life? The most energetic days? What's your favorite color? What are the days you can go to school dressed all out? The days that make your high school career? The days that make you who you are? Probably not the spirit rallies because, let’s be honest, they could be better. We are dedicated to making the spirit rallies next year legendary. 


    • Jake’s been in a leadership class for over 6 years and knows what makes the school tick. Harry’s excited to join Jake after running school events in Singapore for two years. Together they plan on turning the school into a feast. There’s gonna be donuts, chicken wings, and ice cream. They will make the spirit rallies even more exciting by adding intense eating competitions that push our school to the next level. This is just one example of how they can bring fresh ideas and exciting events to LG next year. They plan on making advances to already existing school activities and to add more from your suggestions. They will execute your vision to help make an insane spirit rally a reality. 


    • Our main goal is to put on spirit events that everyone wants. 


    • We hope you vote. Doesn’t have to be for us. Anybody. Please vote.


    • Waba #clout 

    • - Jake and Harry