We may be home in isolation, but the show must go on, and this year we will be producing a VIRTUAL Senior Talent Show by accepting video submissions. We would still love to celebrate the amazing and talented seniors we have at this school, so please submit your interest below.

If you are interested in submitting a video, here are some guidelines for your act:

1. NO videos of two or more people - EVERYTHING must be recorded & submitted individually
2. If you would like to have a group performance, you can submit separate videos and we will string them together
3. Tentative air date - Thursday, April 23rd (more info to come)
4. Performance cannot exceed 3 minutes 30 seconds (you will be asked to cut it down)
5. You can only participate in one act. 
6. All performances must be school appropriate.

*Please complete this form by Sunday, April 5th. 

Junior Class Spirit

Addie Payne and Tanner Van Benthuysen

  • At Los Gatos High School, we all know how important spirit is, especially during spirit week. Whether its lip dubs, spirit rallys, lunchtime games, or just general excitement to be a student, LGHS definitely has enthusiasm.  Students look forward to spirit weeks and rallies so it is extremely important to us that both events go smoothly.

  • Considering we were Sophomore Spirit Representatives during the 2019-2020 school year we have experience and are ready to do it again, and better! The main job of the Spirit Representatives is to get people excited for the rally, as well as decorate the hallway and gym. We’re prepared to do the job again, thinking out of the box for hallway designs and getting students excited for the rally.

  • We’ve learned from our past year as representatives, and our experience has taught us how to execute this position in the best way. We are determined and willing to put in the effort and time to do our best to ensure success for our class. We will work to represent our entire grade and make sure everyone is heard. We enjoyed our past year as Sophomore Spirit Representatives and are hoping to have fun next year as well.

  • Thank you for your consideration,

  • Tanner Van Benthuysen and Addison Payne for Junior Spirit Representatives