October 1st

March 10th 

Kick-off Dance

August 26th

The Kick-off Dance is Los Gatos High School's whole school dance, that begins after the third quarter of the football game. No guest passes will be provided for this dance. 


Sadie Hawkins

Coronation is Los Gatos High's fall formal dance. The dance on Saturday night, after the homecoming football game on Friday night. While it a formal dance, people come with a date, in a group, or by themselves. Guests are welcome to attend. 

This year’s Coronation dance is October 1st from 8-10:30pm in the Large Gym! Check back for more information as the date gets closer!

Sadie's is Los Gatos High's costume dance. It takes place on March 10th. The dance is open to all students and guests as well. Check back for information about the theme and how to purchase tickets during 2nd semester!

April 29th

Junior Prom

Junior Prom is the Junior class's prom. It takes place on a Saturday night in April. The large gym is transformed into a ballroom, and it includes an outdoor area. Juniors can bring other classmates or students from other grades. Guests are welcome to attend. 

May 20th

Senior Prom

Senior Prom is the Senior class' prom. It takes place on a Saturday night in May. Stay tuned for information on where this year's Prom will be held!